“Billy Gibbons And The BFGs Go To Cuba” Documentary Readied For Release

dispatched 1:30 PM ET

ZZ Top fans will be excited to hear that a documentary is in the works to commemorate Billy Gibbons’ time at the recent Havana Jazz Festival. The film, titled, ‘Billy Gibbons And The BFG’s Go To Cuba’ will premiere on November 30 in Los Angeles. DVD and Blu ray releases will follow directly.
Gibbons and The BFG’s remained in Cuba for 5 days. Billy and The BFG’s performed double shows during the annual festival, opening at the Art Institute and wrapping the trip at Havana’s grand Theater Mella.

“GG” Martine, the pianist of The BFG’s, also served as the film’s inside advisor. In an interview with Music Aficionado, “GG” Martine and The BFG’s players, Mike Flanigin, Sozo Diamond, Melanie DiLorenzo, and DJ Alex, offered a shared collective quote – “Through Billy’s eyes, we get a look at the heart of Havana—the people, the culture. This is a place that was frozen in time.”

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