sold out back to back tonight and Tomorrow night “The Jungle show II”

by Lester Bromsley
December 28, 2016




It’s all set to bring in a bluesy end-of-year celebration in Austin, Texas at the famed “310 TEN ACL “LIVE” venue showcasing some of the best of Texan talent by some of our favorite slingers of Lone Star State styled rowdiness during these closing last nights of the year! Time to rock it out and rockin’ it will be with some jumpin’ jive from these five no doubt.

We caught a brief glimpse of the lineup during a casual warm-up afternoon today with [from left to right]… Mike “The Drifter” Flanigin holding down the bottom and keyboard chores on his big, black Hammond B3, Billy F Gibbons with his custom black vintage Les Paul, Ms. Sue “The Ice Queen” Foley strumming her signature Pick Paisley Telecaster, smackin’ the skins with the mean backbeat is Chris “Whipper Layton, and the world renowned sound from Jimmie Vaughan on his autographed white Fender Strat. This is stone serious.

We’ll bring more details following tonight’s first of two, back-to-back sold out shows as it will certainly be something to shout about. And, with the new backline of Jungle themed amplifiers from Magnatone getting things fired up, the loudness will be peeling the paint right off the walls. Sakes alive! I can’t wait … although I did snag a special issue T-Shirt and a signed poster for good measure. Killer-diller, no filler! Bring it on…!

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