Randy Lorentzen, noted automotive photographer and head honcho of the sizzlin’, online hot rod publication,  “RODDING REVOLUTIONS”, includes a feature spotlight on the newest addition to Billy F Gibbons’ ongoing assembly of hot rod iron, WHISKEY RUNNER” .


Randy announces, “The finished issue of my online mag, RODDING REVOLUTIONS is up. BFG’s Whiskey Runner is looking bitchin’! Get a chance, check it out!”  weblink attached below  –




See ya’ online.


PS: Billy is making way toward Las Vegas to perform on November 2 with his guitar slinging pals, Jimmie Vaughan and Jeff back during the annual ‘gigantric’ automotive gathering known as the SEMA Show.


Vroooom Vroooom

2 thoughts on “Randy Lorentzen’s RODDING REVOLUTIONS”

  1. I would love to vroom on back Nevada and catch the doins’. Just be sitting here in lil’ol Texas! Pray for a safe, fun and memorable time for You’all.

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