Europe: When Paul Mac Bonvin introduced Billy F. Gibbons to the joys of raclette

Demonstration of the art of scraping by master Paul Mac.

Very comfortable in Valais, the legendary guitarist and singer of ZZ Top took advantage of his coming to the Sierre Blues Festival to learn the art of scraping with experienced teacher the Valmontian Paul Mac Bonvin.

“He loves cheese, enjoying good wine … Every time he comes to the area, we arrange to offer him a nice thing to do,” says Bernard Moix, a graphic designer and musician from La Rochelle who became a close friend of Billy F. Gibbons over the years. Last year, when ZZ Top came to play on the Plaine Bellevue for the Sierre Blues Festival, the onlookers of the region had already been surprised to see the rock superstar walk quietly at Lake Moubra before tasting a plate of cheese and dried meat typically Valais.

Present at the Sierre Blues Festival with the group Supersonic Blues Machine, Billy F. Gibbons was able to spend a beautiful afternoon in the mountains, in a setting of a total typicity. “It was suggested to him to spend some time at the Paul Mac Bonvin mayen to eat a raclette, he came with two musicians from his band, his wife was great.”

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Aperitif, review of vinyls, discussion between Paul Mac Bonvin, Bernard Moix and Billy F. Gibbons.

4 thoughts on “Europe: When Paul Mac Bonvin introduced Billy F. Gibbons to the joys of raclette”

  1. Je m’excuse, but French cheese is massively over-rated and all tastes like detergent or fermented cabbages. When ZZTop or the Revd Billy G next play in Britain they should try some real Mature Cheddar or some fresh white Cheshire from Williams’ of Sandbach. English cheese is the best: it’s the only thing we are good at.

  2. I’m half Swiss, half German. My Swiss ancestors immigrated to Oregon in 1891 and settled in Helvetia – outside Hillsboro, OR. My cousin purchased the homestead there where my dad was born in 1918 and has opened a creamery, making authentic Swiss cheese for the last several years. It would be the coolest thing ever to share some with Billy, but I know this is not a realistic vision. Gotta dream!

  3. M. Mike Heaton, ce n’est pas du fromage Français, c’est du fromage du Valais en Suisse au lait cru. Donc si vous le connaissez c’est très bien mais si vous ne le connaissez pas, je serais le premier a vous inviter a déguster ce plat qu’est la raclette qui en soi est le plat régional de chez nous. a bon entendeur. S.Bonvin

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