The opaque green vinyl edition of The Big Bad Blues is now available to pre-order!

The green LP is limited to 500 copies – and it’s only available at Billy F Gibbons’ shop.

Our violet edition of 350 has SOLD OUT, so don’t miss the opportunity for green Vinyl.

Plus, we’ve added a new BFG, seventeen color portrait pin – available individually and in select bundles.

3 thoughts on “The opaque green vinyl edition of The Big Bad Blues is now available to pre-order!”

  1. Billy, I love all the new stuff – but I wish ZZ could head for the border, camp out for a month, cook some meals together and crank out a half dozen blues grinders. Pack some groceries, Dusty and Frank, load up your favorite ride and… drive that old automobile. Head to the sonic ranch and daydream a little, all three of you.

  2. We loved yer ” event” at the Soaring Eagle in Mt. Pleasant, Mi. .
    It was our first time seeing Willie and John live and we enjoyed those bands a lot.
    That was a wild intro for you guyzz ! Great threads and super show by the big sound from the big country.
    It was a bummer that we couldn’t get into the meet and greet…you know ? Being a card carrying lifetime member of ya-all’s official fan club.
    Keep rockin’ bro’ the more the better.
    PS A local radio station plays a special version of Legs. Best I’ve ever heard.
    It starts with a guitar intro and is the most lowdown and impressive big bad and louder the better version of a ZZ Top song I think I ever heard.

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