Video from the U.S. Embassy Finland

US Embassy Finland: Thanks to Billy F Gibbons and his wife Gilly for the impromptu rendition of the classic ”Jackson” at the U.S. Embassy yesterday. The ZZ Top performance tonight is sure to be even better! click here for this post on facebook

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  1. Hey, I’m from The Great State of Texas, Nederland, & I used to go see u guys play at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Beaumont Tx & in Port Arthur Tx. In 1969-1970 I paid $.50 to get in. Must have been 100-150 people there. Also in early 70’s Dusty & Rocky Hill & many others played at Irene’s , a small beer joint out side of Houston. I’ve been to many of your concerts after yaw got “Nationwide!” Houston,Dallas,New Orleans,Austin & Little Rock, where I live. “Old Fan” for decades… you know what I’m talking about! So glad you guys made it & stayed together as a group. Texas Pride!

  2. Billy Frank and Dusty congratulations on 50 years of bringing your Texas blues to the masses with original music and a few covers like The greatest Elvis‘s cover Ever
    viva Las Vegas!!
    Y’all still want me to come with you
    Sweet things can always get sweeter

  3. IAm a old Beaumont Texas boy,I saw y’all then now 72old and sill rocking with y’all. Billy my ride is a red 32 ford roadway, I been hot Rodder sents i was13.keep the rubber on the road.

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