Coming June 9: Billy F Gibbons: Rock + Roll Gearhead

Expanded on the occasion of ZZ Top’s 50th anniversary year, Billy F Gibbons: Rock + Roll Gearhead (first published in 2005) throws wide Gibbons’ garage and studio doors for an exclusive look at the exquisite vintage and way-out custom guitars and the influential hot rods and custom cars of the Grade-A Texas gearhead.

From the near-mythical ’59 Les Paul sunburst known as “Pearly Gates” and the “Furry One” of MTV renown to cars like the Eliminator, CadZZilla, and Kopperhed, they’re all here—more than sixty guitars and fifteen astounding vehicles, all expounded upon by BFG himself and shown in commissioned color and artistic black-and-white photography. Cars and guitars that have made their way to light since first publication are included:

Mexican Blackbird 1958 Thunderbird
Quintana ’50 Ford Custom
El Camino Grocery-Getter custom
Whiskey Runner ’34 Ford Coupe
’51 Willys Wagon

Party Peelers John Bolin Customs
Neiman Marcus BFG SG
Nacho Telecaster
1929 National Resonator
1929 Dixie Ukelele
1939 Rickenbacker Frying Pan
…and more!

While BFG’s cars ’n’ guitars are the stuff of legend, no less intriguing are the tales behind his incredible music career. From teenage Houston garage rocker to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the whole story is between these covers, told in the Good Reverend Willie G’s own words and illustrated with photos and memorabilia from his personal archive.

As with many rockers, Billy F Gibbons’ jones for hot rods and customs is the stuff of legend. But beyond this bona fide bluesman’s mastery of the six-string and unrepentant love for internal combustion is a noted collector whose own designs have manifested themselves in hundreds of mind-bending cars and guitars. This is the definitive and official record of that genius.

The author
Billy F Gibbons is a musician, actor, and hot rod and car customizer perhaps best known as the lead guitarist for ZZ Top.

Tom Vickers is a longtime music industry pro, having worked as a journalist, manager, A&R man, publicist, and producer.

A renowned photographer residing in the Bay Area, David Perry defined the modern hot rod pin-up in the early 1990s. His other books include Hot Rod Pin-Ups and Hot Rod Kings.

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5 thoughts on “Coming June 9: Billy F Gibbons: Rock + Roll Gearhead”

  1. Brennan Olson

    I can’t wait for Billy Gibbons’ s book to come out this June. It will be AWESOME!! It has Billy Gibbons Whiskey Runner 34 Ford Coupe inside of the book, which is also AWESOME!!

  2. We are looking forward to the stories and pictures. It looks like this will be the perfect combination of art and rock & roll as only Mr. Gibbons’ exquisite taste could provide. It is also an excellent portrait of Americana which will never lose its appeal. Thank-you for the book, the music, the style and giving integrity to being cool.

  3. Michael kelly kelly

    Got the first one in 05…loved it…will buy the 2nd one as soon as I can get my hands on it…Michael Kelly…>Calais, Maine……

  4. Got the first one a few years ago and was hoping some signed copies would be available in the merchandise area of the BFG site. please !

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