1 thought on “Rock & Roll Hall of Fame 2020 Starting Tonight @ 6:45pm ET”

  1. Hi Billy,

    Saw you on the R&R HOF and I am an 80’s kid, lifelong DM fan and ZZ Top fan. To see and hear your admiration for Depeche Mode was really cool. I’ve always felt people shouldn’t be pigeon-holed to liking one type of music there’s so much! Anyway, thank you for your own endeavors and contribution to the music community. My grandmother from Amarillo, God rest her soul, liked your band and Roy Orbison because she was from Texas also. She died of Alzheimers but the funniest thing…. in her later years when she was pretty far gone, didn’t recognize me at all but put a song on for her she really liked and she sung and knew every word. Your music is your legacy Billy and it will live on long after you’ve gone. How powerful is that?!! Take good care, thank you, and God bless you.


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