NASCAR spreadin’ round in that Texas town…

3 thoughts on “NASCAR spreadin’ round in that Texas town…”

  1. This is a sweet video with Billy Gibbons, about Nascar and music with Great bar-b-que down in Austin Texas. I’m a HUGE fan of ZZ Top, I can’t wait for Billy Gibbons album Hardware to come out! There’s lots of music in Austin as well as Houston Texas.

  2. Heard it before I saw it. Knew Billy’s voice & that iconic guitar lick. Came racing into the living room to see what was going down in Austin town. One of the best places I’ve ever spent extended periods, Austin & its people are some of the nicest. This is going to be great and I envy everyone who will make it to ‘Big Red’ for NASCAR 2021.

  3. A little snippet of Austin’s local samba group shows up at 0:34. Apropos, as a few years ago the group performed a version of “La Grange” complete with 35 samba drummers playing their version of Frank Beard’s iconic drum licks.
    Keep Austin weird, indeed.

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