“Jingle Bell Blues” by Billy F Gibbons is out

“Around Christmas, it always seems that there are five to ten holiday selections listed in the lower right corner of a typical juke box in a typical juke joint, the song titles and artist names printed on wreath-bedecked title strips. Our hope is for ‘Jingle Bell Blues’ to be one of those records.” – Billy F Gibbons
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5 thoughts on ““Jingle Bell Blues” by Billy F Gibbons is out”

  1. This is toatly Awesome! Billy Gibbons knows how to rock Christmas time!
    Billy Gibbons he is the man with a plan!

  2. “Jingle Bell Blues” credits

    Produced by Billy F Gibbons and Mike Fiorentino
    Billy F Gibbons: Guitars, Vocals, Harmonica
    Mike Fiorentino: Bass
    Miles McPherson: Drums
    Recorded by Mike Fiorentino
    Mixed by Mark Miemiec
    Mastered by Dan Shike
    Recorded June 2021 – Nashville, TN

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