Billy F Gibbons & Paul Hipp “What Does It Matter” from “Sweetwater” Soundtrack

The soundtrack to Sweetwater is officially out and streaming everywhere! You can hear Gibbons on the new track “What Does It Matter” with Paul Hipp. Sweetwater is an amazing film that tells the story of Nat “Sweetwater” Clifton, the first African American to land an NBA contract. In theaters now.

2 thoughts on “Billy F Gibbons & Paul Hipp “What Does It Matter” from “Sweetwater” Soundtrack”

  1. Hey Billy!
    We have some things in common even though we never met. You use to date my niece Jackie Leone. Sorry we never crossed paths. I used to bump into Dusty in Galveston. One time at Baybrook Mall. I was with my daughter and we met Dusty’s wife Charli. What flips me out is I started really playing guitar with the same axe and amp that you did. The Gibson Melody Maker and a Champ amp. I never did get in with the right bunch of fellows to start a band . I enjoyed your museum display at the Bryan Museum. Peace ✌️

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