Billy F Gibbons Autograph Card and Guitar Pick by V-Picks



FROM V-Picks:

Attention ZZ Top / Billy F Gibbons fans!

These BFG Autograph Cards are some of the coolest things we sell. Almost as cool as Billy himself. Each one is hand signed by the man. These signatures are NOT copies by a machine. They are the real deal, signed one by one with a Sharpie. Sometimes in a restaurant, sometimes in a car and sometimes in his hotel room.

The back of the card sports Billy’s self portrait. The front tells the short story of Billy’s relationship with V-PICKS. His favorite Signature V-PICK is adhered onto the front of the card.

Note: you can also get an extra Billy Gibbons V-PICK by itself at this link

These are collector items FOR SURE. I am gonna keep some for myself.

If this interests you, I suggest you act promptly. I don’t see Billy very often and it is a big deal when he takes the time to sign a couple hundred cards for us. Act fast if you want some of these treasures.

NOTE: These cards are not laminated. The pick is adhered onto the card by a glue/silicone dot. It can be removed if you wish to play the guitar pick. This product is excellent for framing.

More info and to purchase: V-PICKS.COM

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