Mick Fleetwood’s “Gathering of The Grinders” in Hawaii

Mick Fleetwood arranged an afternoon outing for the those willing to “Brave The Wave” on the Hawaiian island of Maui with an aim toward the renowned surfside scene at Wailea. Present were Mick, Steven Tyler, A.J. Markham, Amy Lisle, Jim Carey, Jeffray Wilson, Blain Clausen, BFG, Gilligan, and Ryan Silva. And, of course, all heading for the shore in their choice, yet-to-be-restored, barely running, ’39 Ford pickup truck. The anticipating throng of “he” and “she” wave crunchers all made way to the seaside to enjoy the gathering, however, a rolling canopy of ominous dark clouds began threatening to change the contour of the class with a projected downpour of epic proportions. The unexpected downward deluge forced a hasty retreat to the safety of a friendly local’s home-made hula hut where the remainder of the afternoon was spent observing what Hawaiian storm surges are famous for… wet, wet, more wet, and really wild. Although once inside, the group managed to huddle up with some spiffy Spam tacos along with a box of chilled beverages to savor witnessing one of the first Spring season’s splashdowns. Not surprisingly, nary a complaint was heard throughout the ordeal. Cool heads prevailed and after all said and done, “A good time enjoyed by all…!” Check it out…!

7 thoughts on “Mick Fleetwood’s “Gathering of The Grinders” in Hawaii”

  1. BFG is the best of the bunch…so sorry he lost Dusty so early in life. Frank is one of the special musicians that make ZZ Top the best there ever was and likely will ever be.
    I never had a Fan Club Membership before or after ZZ Top….maybe there is someone that can get it going like Dusty did to fill that spot that made the three guys The Best !

  2. Billy,
    Billy Clayton’s friend here Lindsey Brown ,cheers, your always such a gentleman and humble man In the very few times we’ve interacted.
    Your music sound is incredible!

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