BFG in Bogotá…!

BFG found his way down to appear with his Colombian pals in the band, “Diamante Eléctrico” to perform the song, “Dias Raros” on which the bearded one lent some Texas mud on the guitar solo on the track. The annual festival, “Estereo Picnic” celebrated it’s 9th successful presentation with 50,000 rock fans in attendance. Also along for the festivities were BFG’s heavy metal friends, Mike and Ben from Royal Blood who also delivered a searing set for the throng of revelers. All-in-all, the big bash was a big hit. Rock on, BFG…!

BFG & Royal Blood in Bogota, Colombia

3 thoughts on “BFG in Bogotá…!”

  1. Thank you for the music and blues and reflection you give to us all. Your one of a kind, as is ZZ Top. Im proud to be a TEXAN and now that I read the small article …you mention 2024,aquiring knowledge and 20 x 75 power I would like to read more about that 🙂
    I will see you again soon out in the audience !! Maybe Winstar

    Roger Wolfe

  2. BILLY Please Please Come back to Foxwoods Casino We need us some ZZ Top in New England after the brutal winter and you are a welcome sign of spring

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