ABC News Radio: ZZ Top’s Billy F Gibbons and country rocker Tim Montana launch new Whisker Bomb hot sauce line

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Besides being a lover of guitars and cars, ZZ Top‘s Billy Gibbons is a hot sauce aficionado, and the rock legend has teamed up with his friend, similarly long-bearded country rocker Tim Montana, to introduce a new line of the spicy condiment called Beez & Teez Whisker Bomb.

The sauce comes in two versions, Whisker Bomb Original and Whisker Bomb Have Mercy ¡HOT!. The original is a traditional Louisiana-style sauce that Gibbons and Montana say is blended with “a Texas flair,” while the Have Mercy ¡HOT! features a blend of habañero peppers grown in the high desert of Peru and has a robust, tart flavor.

Both sauces come packaged in five-ounce bottles and are available exclusively at select H-E-B stores in Texas, and online for everyone at

Gibbons has collaborated musically with Montana on a number of occasions, including co-writing the 2013 song “This Beard Came to Party,” which was adopted by the Boston Red Sox as the team’s anthem during their World Series-winning run that year.

“Tim is something of kindred spirit both in music and as regards his lengthy facial locks,” Billy says in a statement. “As it happens, he’s also a Mexican food aficionado and, like me, favors things on the spicy side. It was only natural that we got to jamming, so to speak, and came up with a formula for a hot sauce we could call our own.”

Montana, meanwhile, notes, “One of [Gibbons’] enduring slogans is ‘tone, taste and tenacity.’ As it turns out, that applies not only to guitar playing so we’re proud that Beez & Teez Whisker Bomb has all three of those bases covered — in a most flavorful way.”

Billy previously launched his own BFG brand of hot sauce and barbecue sauce in 2012.

By Matt Friedlander

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  1. Brennan Olson

    I can’t wait to try Billy Gibbons and Tim Montana’s hot sauce, because I’m a “BIG” fan of ZZ Top! I can’t for Billy Gibbons new book to come out, that’s going to be AWSOME!!

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