RIP Roy Head

We were saddened to hear the news of Roy Head’s passing. He was a genuine Texas rock ’n’ soul phenomenon who had been one of our early.. and continuing inspirations.

Of course, everybody loved his hit “Treat Her Right” and we were delighted when word got back that he was happy about the version we included in our Perfectamundo album. Talk about validation!

What’s, perhaps, a bit less well known is the fact that ZZ Top’s “Tush” partially appropriated its title from one of his b-sides. The follow up to “Treat Her Right” was “You’re Almost Tuff” and the flip side was a blazing blues-rock instrumental titled “Tush Hog,” attributed to the Roy Head Trio.

Roy Head will always be remembered for his music, his drive and the fact that, as he liked to put it, he was most happy when he was “a-wigglin’ and a-gigglin’.”

3 thoughts on “RIP Roy Head”

  1. Roy was a true Texas music legend and one of a Kind! Could still Boogie unto his 70s.
    Lucky to have meet him and hear his music.Chad Kassem

    1. Had a strange relationship with Roy. In my teen and twentys, I saw him perform many times around the Houston area. No one could ever forget his “alligator”! Later, I taught his son, Sundance and cheered him on to success. I admired the close relationship they had. His influence will live on in Sundance and His children.

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