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7 MORE [and then some!] #10

Article From Ultimate-Guitar.com: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/articles/features/billy_gibbons_car_collection-69579   Billy F Gibbons’ Car Collection Billy F Gibbons is a prominent name in the world of hot rods! In our previous article, we showed you James Hetfield’s cool hot rod collection. But, obviously, he is not the only rock star who is obsessed with cars. ZZ Top’s Billy F Gibbons

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7 MORE #9

”Hey!” BFG…!   Billy, you’re one of the most recognizable guitarists in history and have earned that distinction for nearly 50 years. What’s the special secret to ZZ Top’s longevity?   The not-so-secret secret is we continue havin’ a good time doing what we do and that thing we do is playing what we want

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7 MORE #8

Say, Billy… Please tell us how you three guys have stayed together since 1969…!   That’s a good point, amigo. And, to paraphrase the late, great Sun Ra, “space is the place.” We give each other enough so we’re always rewarded by reconnecting both on stage and in the studio. We still travel separately and

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7 MORE #7

Good day to you BFG. And thanks for coming around while you guys are on break back at Hacienda G here in California.  Nice rainy weather for having a go with our seven for the Q & A.   Anyway, If you had to choose only one: cars or guitars? (And how many are there

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7 MORE #6

With the popularity of our “seven questions” post, BFG took a moment to address another round of seven more!

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7 MORE #5

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer our “7 questions” for us at Heavy.   ZZ Top paid us a royal visit during the 2017 UK and the European tour, culminating with a headline appearance here in the UK at the Ramblin’ Man Festival.   The band expressed a very strong measure of

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