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Dear Billy, which Tejano-Band do you like most? Do you have any recommendations?
Thanks. Frank (Germany)

Los Relampagos del Norte. Los Relámpagos del Norte was a norteño band formed in the early 1960s by Cornelio Reyna and Ramón Ayala. The band is best known as a duo. Cornelio Reyna was the lead singer and bajo sexto player, while Ramon Ayala was the background vocalist and the accordion player.
This band is respected in the norteño music world and is one of the founding bands for the genre. Servando Cano, the representative of Los Relampagos Del Norte currently represents various bands of similar style. These include Ramon Ayala, Intocable, Los Tigres del Norte, El Poder del Norte, Pesado, Duelo, La Firma, Invasores de Nuevo León, Herederos de Nuevo León, La Leyenda and several others.

Hey Billy…love your music. Just wanted to know what type of stomp pedals do you use when performing on stage-especially to get that awesome unique guitar sound of ZZ TOP!?

The Bixonic Expandora pedal which originated in Japan. Great bottom end response giving the instrument of choice a fine, fat response.

This song of Antenna head is about radio air wave playing music or ham radio ?

Both…! Gotta have the “ANTENNA” comin’ and goin’…!

Hi There ; Billy , What’s the story behind the song ” Mexican Blackbird ” and how it came about ? . Did it have anything to do with a hunting lease that your Dad had out side of Del Rio , Texas ???..

It’s about a trip across the border when the band began. We encountered a lovely lass on the Mexican side and have remained friends ever since.

Hey Billy!
What’s the latest resto-mod project up on the racks?

BFG’s “Whiskey Runner”, a ’34 Ford 3-window coupe with a radical, Bonneville Salt Flats, chopped top is going strong. Following it’s debut in the TV commercial for Jeremiah Weed whiskey, it’s now aimed with another upcoming TV appearance with yours truly and our hot rodding pal, Jimmy Shine.

What years did you call Memphis your home?? Do you miss it?

ZZ appeared in Memphis in 1973 connecting Tres Hombres with “Bluff City”. We return often and still call it our second home. Don’t miss visiting The Rendezvous for some of the best barbecue around…!

My husband who is a huge fan and is visually impaired thinks you’re “off the chain”! He thinks or suggest playing music back in the Elvis, B B King, or Waylon (songs of his picking of course lol). What’s your feedback on this suggestion?

We still follow the legacy of all of ’em, B.B. Elvis, Waylon, and, of course, many more.

“ZZ Top’s last album”? Would be a great title or
Sin Fronteras…… Question… there will be one more….? And Sidewalkzz?
– James

Oh, yeah…! As long as we get to do what we get to do, a studio excursion is in the mix. Great titles, too…!

You’ve often said that you’ve never found any other guitar which has all the power and tone that Pearly Gates has… Which guitar in your collection comes closest to Pearly?

Well, the simple fact is that there’s only one “Pearly Gates”…! However, there’s a handy secret science that renders any number of instruments running close to the remarkable sound of “Pearly Gates”. Ask Elwood.

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