Billy F Gibbons The Big Bad Blues Tour Concert Review with Live Footage

A Little Thunder adds a -1 octave or -2 octave bass drop to the lowest strings while preserving all 6 organic guitar strings through a traditional 8.2K humbucker. No MIDI, 9V or extensive connections to be made.

4 thoughts on “Billy F Gibbons The Big Bad Blues Tour Concert Review with Live Footage”

  1. Omg I wanna see this tour so bad. 🙁 Unfortunately, had some medical issues that used up too much PTO, otherwise I’d freakin’ fly to Vegas to see it.

  2. BFG is my favourite guitarist and Blues interpreter, but I’m worried he might be missing the point about bass and, to an extent, drums. The bass isn’t just the melody in a lower register, it is a counterpoint to the melody. That is what is uniquely brilliant about ZZTop (excepting the synthesised albums). It is exemplified by, for example, Poke Chop Samdwich: the bass plays a reggae line, for Heaven’s sake. it’s brilliant. Similarly, Frank Beard doesn’t just keep time, he complements it. Let’s hope there is another XXX in the pipeline.

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