“Second Line” from “The Big Bad Blues” Album

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The Big Bad Blues features Billy F Gibbons originals and classic blues covers

The Big Bad Blues, as the title suggests, focuses on Gibbons’ lifelong love of the blues and rock & roll, showcasing the blues-influenced vocals and guitar licks that have together served as the foundation for his numerous hits over the past five decades. The album features 11 tracks balancing some classic covers like “Rollin’ and Tumblin’” and “Standing Around Crying,” along with some of Billy’s signature new blues originals.

1 thought on ““Second Line” from “The Big Bad Blues” Album”

  1. Glenn W Norton Jr

    Billy can I buy a guitar and neck blank? You do sell custom Billy F Gibbons guitars right? Honestly Billy I cannot afford one but if I had a body and neck I could build one. A one-of-a-kind BFG guitar. It’s a long shot and it will probably never happen, Can’t Blame a fool for trying, sincerely Glenn Norton my friends call me Rusty.

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