One of the really great surprise releases for 2019 is now out featuring new works from Ronnie Milsap and his exquisite assembly of talented guests joining in with a stunning array of fresh Country-twinged tracks. And when the reference includes the unexpected phrase, “Country-twinged”, we mean just that. And heading up the charge in this stellar collection is award winner, Ronnie and the famed, bearded rocker, none other than, Billy F Gibbons. Together, the daring duo collaborate delivering a robust tall tale with orgins from the Deep South’s roundabout racetrack phenomena, NASCAR! What…!?!? A Country rocker song with fast cars at the fore…? Oh, yeah.

The sound and lyrics are toned with immediate satisfaction telling a story not unfamiliar with both racetrack maniacs as well as hard rocking Country fans. The title, “Southern Boys and Detroit Wheels (feat. Billy Gibbons)“, fairly well sums it up in all of it’s 3-minute-something glory, all driven by Ronnie’s well known silky smooth vocals braced with the brusk and brazen singing and guitar growl of BFG adding up to one, fine-tuned recording.

Yes, it’s got all that one would want in a hard hitting yet, tidy release. Go dig on “Southern Boys and Detroit Wheels (feat. Billy Gibbons)“.

Drive fast.



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  • Judson Bowman
    May 4, 2019 at 9:59 pm  - Reply

    Tennesse Erney Ford then, now Ronny Milsap. I bought my son a BFG t-shirt for his birth day. I am confident that it will appreciate in value.

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